Where does the UK’s aid currently go? – BBC News

The BBC reports that the UK is shifting its aid priorities because of the migrant crisis. It examines where UK aid is currently going.

Source: Where does the UK’s aid currently go? – BBC News

Despite massive aid to Syria, the UK is being criticized for not doing enough for immigrants.

Perhaps, it’s time to take a hard look at the effectiveness of the UK’s foreign aid budget?


Opinion – Turkey accuses BBC of ‘openly supporting terrorism’ – POLITICS – Hurriyet Daily News

This is an important news story from Turkey‘s leading news agency, Hurriyet. It’s a recommended read.

via Turkey accuses BBC of ‘openly supporting terrorism’ – POLITICS.

It’s quite something when the foreign minister of NATO ally accuses the UK’s state-funded BBC of blantent bias and double-standards.

Bias at the BBC is not new. It’s seems inflitrated with an increasingly left-wing hard-core. Proper reporting of the news seems to be over-ruled by highly paid political editors who doctor the headlines. Have you ever noticed that BBC articles frequently have a headline that does not dovestail with the content of the article?

There was once upon a time an era when the BBC represented the gold-standard in objective and honest reporting. All over the world people used to listen to the BBC’s World Service – it used to represent truth, integrity and liberty?

It’s one thing that the BBC has become perhaps tarnished, shabby and perhaps even grubby? But it’s another that the BBC still receives a massive subsidy from UK tax-payers. In times of austerity, there is no place for hand-outs to the BBC. The are many more pressing causes, like defense and healthcare.

Let me ask an open question:

Why is David Cameron’s government not ready to cut the BBC subsidy?