Opinion – New Statesman | EU study shreds the myth of “benefit tourism” – John Gelmini

Dr Alf raises interesting points about the EU’s new evidence and the more obvious one that says politicians in general and David Cameron, in particular, cannot be trusted to tell the truth or develop consistently rational policies.

The EU evidence is flawed on several counts in relation to benefit tourism:

1) Every day, the sanctimonious presenter Dominic Littlewood, complete with his Rolex watch and air of righteous indignation, can be seen on television reporting on and accompanying DWP,  police and local authority benefit fraud investigators tracking down, interviewing and bringing to trial benefit fraudsters including benefit tourists from Eastern Europe, South Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere.

2) Channel 4 recently completed a documentary about Slovakian gypsies sent by their “clan leader” to engage in benefit fraud with the head of one family from just 1 village featured in the telecast stating in a serious tone of voice in unmistakable English that his mission in life was to go to the UK, extract £40,000 gbp in benefits to support his family.

In the program, it showed how the entire process was going to work using the clan leader’s network of businesses to first create jobs then fire the employees after a suitable qualifying interval who would then collect benefits out of which the clan leader was to draw a 20% cut.

3)The Sunday Times Insight team have run several pieces on Nigerian criminal gangs who have schools which instruct Nigerian criminals who then use fake ID and documentation produced by the gangs to defraud the DWP.

4) Rogue mosques in places like London produce bogus passports and other documentation to enable people from Southern Asia to defraud the befits system or work or remain in the UK.

Abu Hamza, the hook handed Muslim cleric, now on trial in America claimed income support for years as did his wife.
In contrast, benefit fraudsters in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, who owe the local authority more than £2000 gbp can expect a prison sentence and a recovery order.

5) There is inbuilt benefit fraud and benefit tourism in the food chain.

Go 100 miles north of London to Peterborough and the wheat fields and pack houses of Norfolk, Wisbech and Lincolnshire you will find Eastern European and poor Chinese migrants working for more than 1000 agricultural gang masters for very low pay supplemented by either piecework rates or benefits.

In case after case in newspapers, local to these areas feature raids on farms and pack houses where these people are employed.

Usually it is the workers who are arrested and not the or the farmers that employ them.

The public and the Government are to blame because the first demands cheap food but is unwilling to either do the agricultural work as it is seen as “beneath them” and the Government are to blame because they fail to clean up the NI system which has 19 million spare numbers over and above the numbers in the workforce.

The Government is also to blame because it never finished installing E-Borders, the system that was to count people into and out of the country.

John Gelmini

Twickenham United Kingdom

Twickenham United Kingdom (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


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New Statesman | EU study shreds the myth of “benefit tourism”

English: A map showing European membership of ...

English: A map showing European membership of the EU and NATO. EU member only NATO member only Member of both Česky: Mapa zobrazující členství evropských států v EU a NATO. státy pouze v EU státy pouze v NATO státy v NATO a EU (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent, MUST-READ, article from the New Statesman citing latest hard evidence from the EU. Check it out!

New Statesman | EU study shreds the myth of “benefit tourism”.

For me, there are three points of interest here.

Firstly, there is the central argument from the EU evidence that immigrants are not benefits’ tourists.

Secondly, the EU performs a valuable role is publishing independent evidence.

Thirdly, it highlights the UK political classes for manipulating the reality, creating fear of economic migrants for political ends.

For me, this leads to an important open question:

If David Cameron’s Government is not telling the UK the complete truth about benefit tourism for political advantage, how can we trust this government on other areas of policy?

Any thoughts?

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