Opinion – Caviar sales surge in Britain – CNBC – John Gelmini

Black Beluga caviar.

Black Beluga caviar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Caviar - beluga ("Huso Huso" sturgeo...

Caviar – beluga (“Huso Huso” sturgeon roe) and salmon roe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The answer to Dr Alf’s question

Mother of Pearl spoons with sturgeon caviar an...

Mother of Pearl spoons with sturgeon caviar and salmon roe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

is a resounding ‘yes’ because as the great unwashed shop at Lidl and Aldi, the super-wealthy get even richer, as the gap between those at the top and the rest grows ever wider.

Times 1000 Chief Executives paid themselves another 15% this year, oligarchs and plutocrats are fueling record sales of Rolls Royces, Bentleys, private jets, Huntsman suits and Krug and Crystal champagne.

This year, if I choose to go to Ascot, I am sure there will be even more Sikorski helicopters carrying people to the Royal enclosure and the delights of rich food and champagne.

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and John Sentanu of York, have written about the cities and areas left to sink in an accelerated decline, thus highlighting the yawning chasm of inequality which I think one day will lead to trouble and eventually two species of people.

Whilst I do not agree with their remedies, the level of inequality is scandalous and the gap is too wide to be closed by any of the proposed methods.

Local Authorities, the police, fire, ambulance and the NHS, plus the civil service, all represent an un-affordable public sector, which needs to be radically transformed and downsized.

At the same time, we must start exporting our way out of trouble whilst executive pay must actually start to reflect performance.

The revolving door is alive and well in the public sector, with six-figure payoffs on Friday and a Lazarus-like-return as an interim on Monday – but no real change delivered!

Eric Pickles, the Local Government Minister, does nothing to stop the trend which is growing even faster than his Humpty Dumpty style waistline.

John Gelmini