It’s Time to Worry About Donald Trump – John Cassidy – The New Yorker

John Cassidy, a staff writer at the New Yorker is one of my favorite American journalists. In this highly readable article Cassidy suggests that right now the question isn’t whether Trump could win the Republican nomination, it’s ‘What is it going to take to stop him?’

Source: It’s Time to Worry About Donald Trump – The New Yorker

As an international observer, this excellent article provides some clarificion on what’s happening in America’s Republican Party.

Many international observers are now exploring the reality of a Trump presidency. It’s hard to say whether this is destabilizing; perhaps this is all just a reaction to Obama‘s ineffective leadership?



Opinion – China’s economic woes extend far beyond its stock market | Michael Boskin | The Guardian

This is an outstanding article, by Stanford‘s Professor, Michael Boskin, republished in the Guardian (source Project Syndicate). Boskin argues that as share prices continue their rollercoaster ride, China’s governance problems are becoming impossible to ignore.

Source: China’s economic woes extend far beyond its stock market | Business | The Guardian

This is an insightful must-read article.

China’s growing pains have been enormous. China’s elite wealthy families have diversified their assets increasingly into global real estate, but for ordinary families there are deep scars. When I was in Beijing, our guide told us that he needed to support his whole family, including wife (not working) and baby, plus his and his wife’s parents and grand-parents in the provinces – there are not the social sefety nets common in the West. When the economy slows or diversifies the ripple effect is enormous.