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I thank Dr Alf for reblogging the Telegraph article entitled Britain’s foreign aid has fallen into hands of al-Qaeda, DfiD admits . In my mind, the time has come to take a hard look at the politics of foreign aid. Here are my views.


There should be no foreign aid whatsoever and the matter should be put to a referendum binding on the politicians until such time as our national difficulties are resolved.


When foreign aid is given, it is often stolen and taken offshore by corrupt despots and dictators and it creates dependency.


Countries need to solve their own problems and aid stops them from doing so.


We all recall Bob Geldof and Live Aid during the 1980″s.


Many Ethiopians were saved from starvation in the first famine but the birthrates rose among the survivors and even larger numbers of people died in the second famine. 3rd time round, as the war with neighboring Somalia grew in intensity, I can recall television footage of napalmed lorry-loads of food with a distraught Geldof lamenting the war against a backdrop of burning food.


We are giving aid to China, Russia, India, Nigeria and a whole host of other countries, some of which are hostile,  yet in the UK, nearly 400,000 of our own people eat at food banks and 16.5 million of our workforce of 32 million are either unemployed, incapacitated, “sanctioned ” by DWP staff, listed as Directors of Companies which have yet to trade or make a penny,”economically inactive”, economically discouraged”, in training/work experience programs or simply engineered out of the figures.


50% of our rough sleepers are ex servicemen, traumatized by what they have seen and experienced, and yet, disgracefully, local authorities do not give these people housing priority.


We have an education system which is 44th in the world, we owe £1 trillion gbp and we have an uncompetitive economy and an unfair society.


We have had a trade gap since 1982 are unable to even afford a coastal protection vessel, are in danger of writing off 2 generations of our young people and we lack the money to care for our own people.


Charity begins at home and until all these problems and, our housing shortage are solved, not one penny should be sent to anyone.
David Cameron is lying when he says that foreign aid stops unwanted immigration and terrorism as evidenced by the fact that we have 4.5 million illegal immigrants and a massive increase in the birthrates of new babies born to non indigenous UK residents.
The theft of aid by Al Qaida will mean that there will be more of them to wreak mayhem on the West at a time when our Tri Forces are being run down,Army recruitment is in severe difficulty.
On top of that we are just 4% of generating capacity away from having blackouts,are not self sufficient in food and are allowing 5000 farms a year to go out of business and 100 farmers to commit suicide.




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