Excerpts from interview to German TV channel ARD – President of Russia

These interview excerpts published on the President of Russia’s Twitter account are a recommended read. Check it out!

via Excerpts from interview to German TV channel ARD – President of Russia.

Personally, I found President Putin‘s remarks insightful. For me, he raises valid concerns about the Ukraine. I worry about the Ukraine’s sustainability from an economic, social and political perspective.

The EU and the IMF have given billions of Dollars of financial help to the Ukraine but I question whether these debts will be repaid? – the risk is high with little evidence of effective risk mitigation strategy.

Let me ask an open question:

Surely, it would make more sense for the EU to give Southern Europe the billions for investment, rather than shoring up the Ukraine which is not even an EU member?

Any thoughts?

Opinion – Abbott, Cameron join forces to attack growing Russian threat -Brisbane Times – John Gelmini

English: David Cameron's picture on the 10 Dow...

English: David Cameron’s picture on the 10 Downing Street website (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right. Rapprochement with Russia will be much harder thanks to Cameron and Abbott.

The UK cannot even protect its own coastline because it has no coastal protection vessel. Also it has cut the Army to 82,000 and is failing to meet its recruitment targets to such an extent that it is now proposing to raise a “Dad’s Army of people up to 52 years old to bring numbers up to the required number by supplementing the regular Army with a pool of reserve forces.

Here’s the UK’s defense deterrent under Cameron:

  • Just 17 escort vessels for our shipping
  • Aircraft carriers without aircraft
  • Forced to cut and run in Iraq
  • Overstretched in Afghanistan
  • Neither self-sufficient in energy nor food.

We (in the UK) are therefore in no position and neither is Australia, to threaten anyone but the weakest powers, so these attempts to huff and puff against Vladimir Putin are no more than grandstanding.

Threatening more sanctions which will damage us as much as Russia will strengthen Russia’s resolve and as Dr Alf says the Ukraine is deeply corrupt and is infested with Neo Nazis, as a cursory look at the SS tattoos on the shaven heads and necks of many of the Ukrainian militias fighting the ethnic Russian militias they are opposed to, clearly shows.

The Ukraine is also bankrupt and the EU should not be trying to bail it out.

Instead the EU should develop a proper energy policy, frack, discover its own oil and build nuclear power stations whilst reducing dependence on Vladimir Putin’s gas and resources.

We (in the UK) really need to stop pretending we are a great power but our forces need to be built up again using conscription and money saved by eliminating the £33 billion gbp we waste on the Barnett Formula and the £12 billion gbp we continue waste on overseas aid.

Our discussions with countries like Russia should be held behind closed doors and need to be coordinated with Germany and America if we collectively wish to threaten Russia.

In reality, we need to adopt the language of the fictional Godfather, Don Corleone who “reasoned with people” and made offers which “couldn’t be refused”. He only spoke in this way when he knew he could impose his will.

David Cameron is a bit like the gunfighter in the Wild West who orders his rival to leave town at sundown only to discover that the man he hoped to intimidate is in the saloon drinking ice water and playing cards unfazed by the earlier threats which he knew to be bluster all along.

John Gelmini