Marilyn and Alf arrive in Vienna to thunder and lightening – what a welcome!

Taking the slow road to Cyprus

Barrel organ player in Vienna, Austria. Barrel organ player in Vienna, Austria. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve arrived in Vienna, Austria and just got settled before the heavens opened – thunder and lighting followed – what a reception!

The four-hour road journey from Prague was fairly uneventful. Leaving Prague, we saw lots of Communist erahigh rises which were pretty ugly – just like this sort of building anywhere.

The toll paying motorway from Prague to Brno was pretty bad in places – I regretted not changing my tyre pressures from German autobahn settings.

As we crossed the border from the Czech Republic into Austria the traffic was very slow through a number of small villages, eventually leading to the motorway. I stopped at the first services to buy my sticker for using the Austrian motorway and the young man said “welcome to Austria” which was pretty nice.

Driving around Vienna for the first time was a…

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A very special day for Marilyn and Alf in Vienna

Looking back over some of our most popular travel blogs, I think this is worth a read

Taking the slow road to Cyprus

Goldener Saal Hall of the "Musikverein&qu... Goldener Saal Hall of the “Musikverein” in Vienna. Note that its precise name is Großer Konzerthaussaal Hall, “golden” just being a later added common attribute (guess why ;). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being first time visitors to Vienna, this blog picks up some our highlights on our first day. The day starts slowly and builds to it climax.

We headed off for the U-Bahn (underground railway) and purchased a pass then spent half the day on the excellent on/off tour buses, taking in the major sites of Vienna and getting our bearings.

Lunch was a very special bowl of soup at legendary Cafe Mozart which is behind the beautiful Opera House. It was at Cafe Mozart where author Graham Green wrote the Third Man, which later became a major film success. Looking around Cafe Mozart reminded us that Vienna was the spy capital of the world in the Communist era.

The pinnacle…

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