Opinion- Union boss Len McCluskey warns Corbyn critics and predicts 2019 election – Sky News

Here's an incredibly powerful article by the Guardian. It reports that the Unite chief believes there will be an immediate post-Brexit General Election if the PM fails to reach a deal with the EU.


Source: Union boss Len McCluskey warns Corbyn critics and predicts 2019 election

I never thought that I’d agree with Len McCluskey but for me, he’s spot-on.

People didn’t vote to crash out of the EU without a deal. May and the Conservative Party despite what they’re saying in public must recognize that Len McCluskey is right.

Perhaps May and her Brexit Ministers think their outfoxing their European partners by threatening to walk away from the EU? Is it a bluff or will the Conservatives cave  to stay in power? Perhaps, the fear-mongering is part of a soften-up up of both parliament & UK public to make them thankful of any deal that May can achieve?


Reblog – The computerisation of European jobs | Jeremy Bowles at Bruegel.org


I’m reblogging this popular blog. Technology is the real elephant in the room that the political classes ignore. Surely it trumps labor market reform (see related blog on France) as immigration controls which underpin a hard-Brexit?

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English: robotics English: robotics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent, must-read article from think-tank, Bruegel. Check it out!

via The computerisation of European jobs | Jeremy Bowles at Bruegel.org.

The article looks at latest research which estimates the probability of Europe’s jobs being replaced with a computer or robot. For sure, many traditional middle and working class jobs are at risk. Millennials or their parents and grand-parents might think that the solution is choosing careers at least risk. But the most popular careers will attract the most competition.

Any thoughts on best practice for choosing a future career in Europe?


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