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English: Flags of Poland and the EU

English: Flags of Poland and the EU (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf has clearly identified that the EU uses no objective criteria to decide which member countries get money, the most money or no money at all. He will also have noticed that the EU, since inception, has never had its accounts properly signed off and that the EU budgetary process is riddled with questionable practices.

The one whistleblower, Marta Andreeson a Dutch accountant, was summarily dismissed by Lord Kinnock for speaking up and since that day nobody has dared to step forward.

The UK has always been the “milch cow” of the EU and others like Greece, willing recipients of EU taxpayers money.

Now, for inexplicable reasons, Poland gets to feast at EU taxpayers expense more heartily than the Italians or the Spanish.

If the criteria for these allocations of funds was transparent we might be forgiven for thinking there were logic and well-meaning intent behind the decisions. Sadly, there is no transparency or logic, so the assumption has to be that there is either incompetence at work or perhaps irregular practice or a combination of both.

John Gelmini

Russia ready to abandon South Stream pipeline, says Putin – FT.com

European flag outside the Commission

European flag outside the Commission (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is currently the most read article in the FT. It’s a recommended read. Check it out!

via Russia ready to abandon South Stream pipeline, says Putin – FT.com.

As I read this article, I concluded that once again President Putin seemed to be steps ahead of the European political leadership. The essence of the story is that the European Commission bureaucrats intervened on South Stream, raising regulatory issues. This was followed with sanctions on Russia because of the Ukrainian intervention. But it looks like Russia is quickly able to cement new geopolitical relationships. Ultimately, Europe is suffering from sanctions on Russia. Personally, I fear that Europe will continue to be ponderous compared to Russia’s swift decisions and maneuvers.