Opinion – @MikeBloomberg on Brexit choice between bad and worse – Bloomberg.com

Former NY mayor and Bloomberg founder makes some powerful points in this op-ed. Let me give you a flavour:

Exactly how this catastrophic failure of leadership will be resolved is hard to say. No forthright pro-EU candidate for the highest office has emerged in either party. The country seems exhausted, and calls for a second referendum to reverse the Brexit choice is falling on deaf ears. Nothing short of a major political crisis seems capable of breaking the collective paralysis.

Yesterday, I touched on the subject of the looming Brexit crisis, with a British lady with keen understanding of current affairs – she was a Brexit voter. After I shared my usual argument in favour of  polar solutions, ‘very hard’ Vs. ‘very soft’, she weakly replied, ‘well, there’s no point in worrying about what we can’t change’.

I have been thinking about Bloomberg’s looming catastrophe and the British lady’s ‘head in the sand attitude’ and sharpening my own thoughts and personal plans.

My conclusion is simple. Brexit will happen and severe economic consequences will follow. The British people will vote the Tories out of power at the next election and they will pin their hopes on a Far Left Labour Government. Eventually, many British people will press their own personal ‘panic button’. Thoughts?


Opinion – Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach – The Guardian/Observer

Here’s a historic, must-read, lead story in today’s Guardian/Observer. Whilst I accept the evidence presented, the implication is that 50 million Americans were duped into voting for Trump and a similar proportion of Brits were tricked on Brexit. I have also read the Observer’s editorial that picks up the thread and am deeply suspicious by the absence of hard evidence – it’s not enough for a journalist to write, ‘I’ve seen the evidence’. All the evidence must be in the public’s view or their proxy. To me, the editorial reads an anti-Facebook rant by a bunch of  champagne socialists. Should we expect the next edition to introduce the Russians as the true master-minds – a sensational story (without evidence), just as Putin wins the Russian election?