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As Dr Alf and regular readers of this blog will remember, I have been predicting that David Cameron will leave office for some two years now, based on the fact that long ago he was promised a big job at the UN.

He lost the last election having failed to win outright against Gordon Brown, the worst British Prime Minister in living memory, in my view.

Cameron was a loser then and is a loser now, and as a result, we shall probably end up with a hung Parliament or even a second election.

This was probably the plan all along but there are many of us who would have preferred, and still prefer, leadership under Boris Johnson, a much cleverer man and somebody who can get us the inward investment we need, whilst placing our relationship with China on a much better footing than David Cameron ever could.


John Gelmini

A Hard Look at UK Life Under David Cameron – John Gelmini 1/3

This is the first of a series of “Hard Look” articles where John Gelmini has kindly been guest blogger.

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Any thoughts?

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