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I tend to agree with Dr Alf that  Jean-Claude Juncker is already a lame-duck. From my vantage in the UK, here are my views on Mr. Juncker.

Juncker is there as Mrs Merkel’s placeman, which is why he is there in the first place.

What David Cameron wants or doesn’t want is an irrelevance because Germany runs the EU and Merkel is the person with the most power in Europe and the person to whom the Chinese, the Russians and the Americans pay attention.

Juncker is a man who is the architect of the tax haven known as Luxembourg and it’s biggest client is Vodaphone which has been saved £17 billion gbp thanks to poacher turned gamekeeper Dave Hartnett, the former CEO of HMRC.

Also beneficiaries of advance tax agreements designed by PwC for the Grand Duchy are HSBC, Glaxo and Guardian Media Group (Source: Private Eye 1315 and Premier Lignes, the French TV station).

Juncker is reputedly fond of his alcohol and in the same mode as Catherine Ashton and Van Rumpuy, both of whom are un-elected, and ineffectual apparatchiks, in my view.

So beyond assisting Merkel and wealthy firms avoid tax, Jucker, in his role as head of the European Commission, serves no real purpose, other than to help fleece EU taxpayers.

John Gelmini

Herman Van Rompuy and why the European Commission must apply austerity to EU – John Gelmini

Herman Van Rompuy is in the same mould as Neil Kinnock, the former Labour leader, who became an EC Commissioner, along with his wife Glenys, to earn about £500,000 gbp a year between them.

When the Court of Auditors discovered widespread fraud in the EU budget, Neil Kinnock’s (now Lord Kinnock)response was to gag the whistleblower Ms. Andreeson and then fire her.

English: Herman Van Rompuy, President of the E...

English: Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, at the press conference about the European Union during the 37th G8 summit in Deauville, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the past 18 years the EU’s accounts have never been signed off in their entirety and for most years have not been signed off at all.This is because of accounting errors, fraud and outright theft of taxpayers money.For example, in one year, the Mafia allegedly misappropriated all the money set aside for Venice’s flood defenses, in another German farmers paid to not grow apples carried on growing them anyway and simply took the money.

In the UK, people who make their money in the City or from business buy farms, never do any farming and claim EU subsidies for not growing things whilst basically living in the main house as a country home and selling off spare land to property developers and barn converters.

The UK is a nett contributor to the EU budget of circa £12 billion gbp a year and in my view does not get value for money on its investment even without the obvious criminality and fraud that Herman Van Rompuy wants to hide.

There are 3 obvious solutions to this:

1) Reform the EU, root out fraud criminality and skulduggery, prosecute, try, convict and punish the criminals concerned and introduce transparency

2) Leave the EU altogether, scale back the Monarchy to its core and become a tax haven in our own right

3) Rejoin EFTA and take back powers ceded to the EU,lower taxes to more attractive levels

Of these, I prefer Option 3 because it would stop the UK taxpayer being plundered and it would increase our prosperity through inward investment and no wasting money on military adventurism in countries where we have no business.

In addition, it would allow us to abolish the Barnett Formula and save £35 billion gbp a year

Sadly this will not happen.

Instead is that we will remain with the EU unreformed, the Barnett Formula will remain because Alex Salmond is not trusted by most Scots and will lose his vote for an independent Scotland.

Worse than that we could well end up with Ed Miliband as Prime Minister because Herman Van Rompuy is bringing the EU into disrepute which makes UKIP and Nigel Farage more popular.

With our “first past the post system” this,according to Lord Ashcroft,s private polling will result in certain defeat for the Conservatives unless they form a new Coalition, thus letting the hapless and un-telegenic Miliband in by default.

Dr Alf’s point about the need for the EU to start looking after its own back yard and less about applying austerity are accurate.

But as long as people like Herman Van Rompuy and Catherine Ashton are around and the EU technocrats mindsets remain unchanged ,I fear that he along with many others who favor Britain,s EU membership but seek radical reform,is going to have his hopes dashed.

John Gelmini

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