Opinion – Iran Backs Away From Key Detail in Nuclear Deal – NYTimes.com – John Gelmini

Sadly, I think that the Iranians are stalling, and are making fools out of Kerry and Obama and the West.

Dr Alf is right in this regard, as per some of his earlier posts.

Attacking Natanz can only be done by the Americans, using powerful thermobaric weaponry and that would be regarded as an act of war by Russia. Israel lacks the capability to attack Natanz, so the need is to concentrate the minds of the Ayotollahs without triggering war.

Using weather warfare to decimate Iran’s crops and food supply and create a small earthquake to destroy Natanz might be part of the solution and holding out the possibility of a wealthier secular future under a more Western friendly regime might be the way to stop the present regime’s trouble-making short of going to war.

John Gelmini

Nothing has changed in Iran, even after a year of negotiations with Rouhani | EurActiv

Iran (Persia) with Black, Caspian and Arabian ...

Iran (Persia) with Black, Caspian and Arabian seas around (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an outstanding must read article published by EurActiv. The author is Ryszard Czarnecki is Vice President of European Parliament and an MEP from the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Group.

via Nothing has changed in Iran, even after a year of negotiations with Rouhani | EurActiv.

If you read this article carefully, note that it looks at the underlying evidence. It is so different to John Kerry and Barack Obama who are trying to suppress the truth and limit public debate on this critical issue. Meanwhile, Iran is playing war-games sinking US model carriers.

I would encourage all concerned readers to share a copy of the above article with politicians, the media and social media. You might also want to think about the following open question:

What’s Obama’s real agenda on Iran?