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Japan is extremely mountainous, with very litt...

Japan is extremely mountainous, with very little arable land (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2009 East Asian Games Football Final Match - H...

2009 East Asian Games Football Final Match – Hong Kong, China vs Japan at Hong Kong Stadium on 2009.12.12. Hong Kong, China Team recieved the Gold medal of East Asian Game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rugby match between Japan/Hong Kong

Rugby match between Japan/Hong Kong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is correct.

The Chinese have already said “There cannot be two suns in the sky” and, bit by bit, they are buying up Western companies, Western infrastructure, and building majority shareholdings in Western companies inside America and in London, selected parts of the UK and within Europe.

Within 10 years, the biggest 5 insurers and the biggest 5 banks will be Chinese and between now and 2016 (present demonstrations notwithstanding), we will see London, New York and Singapore eclipsed by Hong Kong.

Volkswagen Audi Group has already overtaken Toyota, as the leading automobile manufacturer in the world, so even in the field of car manufacturing Japan is being eclipsed by the one European country the Chinese take seriously, Germany.

Abe in Japan and his fellow Bushido Knights who want to go on attending shrines and pretending that the past never happened need to wake up.

No-one has a blameless past but the first step is acknowledgement of what happened and some remorse.

After that, there needs to be an acknowledgement of the competitive position which is worse than is indicated by the few examples I have given which is bad enough on its own.

A strategy to close some of the gaps then needs to be developed just as the Chinese developed one which I saw unveiled in Wuxi for closing the gap between Indian BPO industries and those of China between 2011 and 2020.

Some gaps cannot be closed but the Japanese have special expertise in miniaturization and the technique of creating technological components that fit inside of each other and create an original composite product better than the original.
That exercise across all industries and segments would reveal areas where it would make more sense to co-operate with the Chinese and for them to co-operate in return to mutual benefit.

Abe seems over confrontational and over reliant on American support to help him resist China’s growing military power over the disposition of the disputed islands.

Wiser heads need to prevail because from where I sit Abe is not holding a particularly good hand of cards.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Abe steals a march on China with South Asia tour | The Japan Times – John Gelmini

English: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at...

English: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the G8 summit in Heiligendamm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Dr Alf knows the Far Eastern mentality and the Indian mentality thinks in terms of tens of thousands of years.

The CEO of Matsushita when asked what that corporation’s strategy was and what period it covered was able to talk about it for some time before coming up with the term 250 years.

When the Japanese invaded Manchuria, the Chinese military strategy, was to fight for 100 years until the Japanese invaders had been removed.

In India, and much of Asia, people believe in reincarnation, a concept which possibly makes sense if you think of the young Mozart composing great symphonies from the age of four.

The common thread is they all look long term not at the numbers or EBIT data for the month, quarter and year.

They know that everything works in cycles, some of which can be thousands of years in the making, so even though the Japanese and the Chinese despise each other, they know that there has to be a level of coexistence although it may not be equal “Their cannot be two suns in the sky”.

Aligning with those cycles requires a strategy that goes with the flow of existence which of necessity makes it very long term.

Abe of Japan understands that, so does India’s Modi, the South Koreans and the Chinese.
This is why the “meek”(many in old Hebrew), will inherit the earth.

John Gelmini