Merkel: Germany Strong Enough to Handle Migrant Influx – WSJ

This is an interesting read from the WSJ. It reports that in her New Year address, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed confidence that the country could face the challenges stemming from a record influx of migrants.

Source: Merkel: Germany Strong Enough to Handle Migrant Influx – WSJ

For me, Angela Merkel has been a formidable political leader. One criticism has been her slow decision-making style. Strangely her decision to bring in a million Syrian refugees was surprisingly rapid. Clearly, she was deeply moved by the refugees plight but one wonders if this formidable lady let emotion cloud her judgement. For so long, Germans have regarded Angela Merkel as a safe pair of hands.

Germany will be an interesting country to watch in 2016, ahead of the federal election required before October 2017.

Opinion – Germans Stock Up on Weapons for Self-Defense – Gatestone Institute – John Gelmini

38,000 reported crimes out of a total of 1 million refugees and economic migrants is a cause for concern and the redirection of German police resources but it is not enough to justify people in Germany arming themselves unless it can be demonstrated that the police cannot cope.

Dr Alf is right to say that the Gatestone Institute’s report, whilst well researched, is designed to frighten people to the point where “getting tooled up” becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. The solution is to take firm decisive action against the miscreants and remove them from circulation, then to stop further inward migration until such time as those in Germany already are fully integrated as useful and productive members of society. Angela Merkel needs to get the German police to refocus and if necessary, provide additional resources.

Spokespersons and Muslim preachers embedded with the migrants and already in Germany need to be spoken to firmly about the need to bring their flock to order in double quick time and Merkel needs to present and sell her vision to the country in short order so as to explain the need for this mass influx of people as well as what she thinks it will achieve.

John Gelmini