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English: Group marching for gay rights in the ...

English: Group marching for gay rights in the 2009 Marcha Gay in Mexico City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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English: Amnesty International gay rights board of shame at Gay Pride parade in Brighton 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right, although as a not very good Catholic, I struggle to find any logic in many of the Church’s teachings, which is why I have carefully examined Eastern philosophies such as Bhuddism, Zen, Taoism etc.

Marriage in its original form is as old as mankind itself which is older than any organised religion by at least 1 million years (the age of skeletons of humans very much like us discovered by Californian gold miners during the 1800’s and presented to the Chief Archaeologist for California and to the Head of Archaeology Studies at Harvard).

About one person in ninety is gay, although the proportion in the UK male population is higher than that because of gender bending chemicals in plastics and chemicals found in our water supply caused by fertilisers running off fields and contaminating our water supply to the point where the sex of fish is changed and people who might otherwise be straight end up being gay.

Gays tend to have more money than their heterosexual counterparts and they are heavily represented in show-business, the glitterati, the media and an Ox-bridge elite, with access to large Twitter feeds like Stephen Fry, Sir Elton John, Sir Ian McKellan, Claire Balding the television presenter plus a number of newspaper commentators, politicians and business-people, who have “come out” of the closet.

These people are listened to and have a voice out of all proportion to their numbers and so the politicians and now it seems church leaders are trying to appease them by watering down doctrines and teachings in order to appear more relevant and modern to youngsters, the gullible and the chattering classes.

The matter will not end here; we will not only see the endorsement of bizarre and unusual sexual practices but later will come test tube and male pregnancies, children with multiple fathers (in terms of genetically engineered materials to produce perfect babies) and anything goes living arrangements.

This Pope should know better, updating Catholic teaching is one thing; traducing doctrine is another.
We cross that line at our peril and if we continue to do so we will find others willing to fill the void who do not value our Judeo-Christian heritage one iota and are hostile to our way of life.

John Gelmini

Top Seven Blogs – Last Seven Days

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English: Moonlight bungalow is located at No. A47, Jalan Kamunting, 39000, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, West Malaysia. Photo taken by User:Roysouza. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

China Insurance Building (中国保险大厦), Shanghai

China Insurance Building (中国保险大厦), Shanghai (Photo credit: thewamphyri)

♂ - Dorsal side :: Locality: Cameron Highlands...

♂ – Dorsal side :: Locality: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia Français : ♂ – Face dorsale :: Localité: Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaisie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Europe Simulator

Europe Simulator (Photo credit: wigu)

A view of Fields and fields of...... Tea in Ca...

A view of Fields and fields of…… Tea in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I thought that it might be interesting share my top blogs for last week, ranked by number of hits, with the most popular first:

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Any thoughts?


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