Opinion – ‘My supermarket wage is so low I use a food bank – ringing food through makes me angry’ – Ros Wynne Jones – Mirror Online – John Gelmini

Another interesting post from Dr Alf but no conclusion from the Mirror or indeed anyone else.

There is nothing new in the fact that austerity and cuts fall disproportionately heavily on those at the bottom, particularly those in low wage private sector jobs.

There are essentially 4 problems in the UK which no political party is attempting to address:

1) The austerity when it was applied was too timid and has been going on for far too long.

The maximum period for austerity to be effective as we see with both Canada and Eire is 2 years.

The desired effect has to be a short sharp shock and the wholesale napalming of unessential public sector workers to bring the public sector down to an affordable size.

What has happened is that mendacious Local Authority Chief Executives, Civil Service Mandarins and Local Authority “Service Directorate” heads have all conspired to avoid cuts to their own jobs and have failed to reform anything.

The result is an un-affordable public sector, higher than normal business costs and a squeeze on employment at the bottom.

2) UK worker productivity is now 20th in the world and 16% below the average for the G7.

Employers at Times 1000 Chief Executive level fall into this category as well but set a poor example by paying themselves about 21% more this year versus last year whilst holding down pay for everyone else.

The Government instead of confronting the issue and cutting public holidays does nothing to either address the growing inequality of pay in the country or the fact that bossesx are overpaying themselves without improving corporate performance (We have just 400 world class companies out of 6 million registered at Companies House whereas Germany has 2,500 even with its economy slowing down.

The Government also does nothing to bring errant local authorities to heel and does nothing to curb the growth of civil service numbers which is unwarranted and unsustainable

3) Automation, uncontrolled immigration and much higher productivity from foreign workers now means that there are 47 people chasing each vacancy and that 85% of the vacancies are filled by non indigenous members of the population.

Many of the more menial jobs are done by people from other places because too many indigenous English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish people are not prepared to do them.

This is why the council houses that Harold MacMillan wanted to build had to be made from bricks manufactured by impoverished Italians who were brought into the UK by London Brick Company for that purpose during the 196’s. The 1 million Poles and 1 million Lithuanians, Latvians, Bulgarians, Romanians and other Eastern Europeans now work in hotels, shops, restaurants, farms, pack-houses, distribution centers, the construction industry and a whole host of areas that used to be the province of the C1, C2, D and E social classes that once comprised the “British Working Class”.

Employers want the more hard working and efficient foreign workers not the un-competitive British workers whose lack of productivity has seen the UK lose shipbuilding to the South Koreans, electronics to the Japanese and South Koreans, footwear to the Chinese, toy-making to the Chinese, car manufacturing to Germany , South Korea and Japan, software development to India.

4) The country still fails to make enough of the things that people want or sell enough of those things to bring in enough foreign exchange and very few people in the country at any level understand that the world does not owe us or them a living.

The gap between those at the top of the pile and those at the bottom is set to get wider and until people riot and shareholders start sacking unproductive and overpaid directors nothing will be done.

The odds are stacked against people like this unfortunate woman operating her supermarket checkout because not too long from now even her lowly paid position will be replaced by an automated checkout which means she will have no job at all and will be on the dole.

John Gelmini

A Hard Look at the Left, Gibberish, David Cameron and Peter Oborne – John Gelmini

English: Prime Minister David Cameron speaking...

English: Prime Minister David Cameron speaking to the UK Home Office, on May 13, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thank Dr Alf for reblogging Peter Oborne‘s article in the Telegraph, entitled The Left talks gibberish while David Cameron racks up successes. Here is my own view.

The left do talk gibberish but so does Peter Oborne.

A cursory examination of the Coalition’s achievements reveals most of them to be bogus or exaggerated.

First there is the claim of 1 million new private sector jobs. Much of this was achieved by re-categorizing local authority workers in the public sector as private sector workers once they had been TUPED across to outsourcers like Capita PLC, Vertex, Vangent, Serco, G4S etc. Some has been achieved by counting redundant workers in receipt of severance pay or “waiting to hear about benefits” whilst in receipt of NI contributions as “employed” when they are clearly nothing of the kind.

Large numbers of people decide to employ themselves and their wives, partners and offspring as directors in personal service companies set up to act as conduits for consultancy /interim work. Each time this happens, the record of new directors at Companies House is treated as new jobs created even though the company may not be trading or have made a penny.

Then there is the talk of falling police numbers and falling crime.

G4S has been taking on policemen and policewoman and is now running police stations and undertaking investigative work.

So whilst police numbers are falling the number of people engaged in policing may not have altered by anything like the same amount.

Crimes have not fallen either because we know that a high percentage (up to 50% in London), are simply not reported and are written off as insoluble.

Other crimes are re-categorized as misdemeanors or engineered out of existence as evidenced by a comparison of the Home Office figures with the insurance claims data for burglaries,car break ins and car thefts.

Thus a prolific burglar of 100 flats in a block is recorded as 1 crime(the break in to the block proper) in the Home Office figures and as 100 different crimes in the claims data submitted to the Government Actuaries Department.

Under David Cameron we have had no export growth other than in armaments, we are bogged down in wars where we have no business, society is becoming more unequal, millions of our young people are workless and are being written off, our banks are not lending, the NHS is becoming a laughing-stock by the day, our woman are the fattest in Western Europe, dementia and diabetes have reached epic proportions, our population is double what it should be, the deficit is growing, our state education system is 44th in the world along with productivity per worker which is 16% below the average for the G7.

If this is Peter Oborne’s idea of “everything seems to be going right”, then we really do need to reopen our lunatic asylums or redefine the word insanity.

John Gelmini

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