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The Statue of Liberty front shot, on Liberty Island. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The American dream is still real but life has just become harder for people to achieve it, unless they are very bright and very determined.

The UK has not had any real social mobility for at least 20 years because the dream of home ownership has been removed from most ordinary people in the population until they are at least aged thirty-eight, unless they get help or receive a large lottery win.

In America, somebody from the most humble origins can still make it.

Much of the “low hanging fruit in America has gone” but not all of it.

Many wealthy Chinese are leaving China and are already in the West in America, Canada, London, Singapore, Europe and, of course, Cyprus, where Dr Alf has chosen as his new home.

So for them, they have already realised the “Chinese dream” and are searching for a better one elsewhere.

The Chinese Dream that the People’s Daily is talking about is the one that ordinary people aspire to.

For instance, the young graduate I met in Wuxi, who had studied in Beijing and international business at Warwick, simply wanted to earn enough money to buy a house, so he could propose to his girlfriend and get married. As it was getting married without a house is viewed as a “naked marriage”, something quite unsuitable. For him that was the personification of the Chinese dream because it meant he could go to his girlfriend’s parents and get their approval for something that most of us would take for granted.He only spoke to me about this when we both happened to see footage of British students rioting on the conference hall television screen storming Conservative Party headquarters at Millbank in London.He wanted an explanation of why the students were rioting, who had caused it and what the authorities were doing.

My explanation about tuition fees, promises made by Nick Clegg, the breaking of those promises and the Coalition agreement took a little time even for that very bright young man to take in but his expression was one of bewilderment or as we say here “they do not know they are born”.

For millions of impoverished Chinese, working in agriculture and living in grinding poverty, just to be able to work in a manufacturing plant and be able to send money home represents a massive increase in their standard of living.
For them,for a time at least ,that is their Chinese dream.

In time, the Chinese will develop their version of an aspirational dream that reaches everyone and what struck me during my time there, was their sense of mission, something which comes from inside, and is the opposite to the complacency, sense of entitlement and sense of drift, I see and feel that too many people have in the UK.

What is inside people’s heads if they have that sense of mission is an un-articulated dream; the Chinese have it; the Americans, or at least most of them still have it; my late parents had it; many modern immigrants have it.

The Chinese will articulate their dream but the People’s Daily are probably getting ahead of themselves at this time.

John Gelmini

Opinion: Elderly left stranded again as Tories axe vital bus services – Mirror Online – John Gelmini

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English: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the Conservative Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David Cameron probably knows that he will not win the next General Election either outright or in Coalition so he is not interested in pensioners who ride buses only those who can afford cars in constituencies like his in Witney, Oxfordshire.

He has already been promised a big job at the UN after 2015 and in any event has more than enough money to pursue other interests.

The problem of urban bus services for the elderly, people without cars, the jobless and the working poor is of no interest to the David Cameron’s of this world.

For them, people are either wealthy enough to give money to the Conservative Party and earn £250,000 gbp a year or more or they fall below that threshold.

Those below the threshold are cannon fodder for the taxman and are there to be lied to and not represented.

Those above it are looked after and given special treatment.

Poor pensioners ,the not very intelligent and the inarticulate are the “useless eaters” of Great Britain but no politician can say so.

Thus the question Dr Alf asks has a clear and unambiguous answer rooted in realpolitik,warped morality and the harsh calculations of a political elite who care only for themselves.

The prescription of choice is to kill them off by stealth by rationing medical treatment ,putting them under stress,using the tax authorities to harass them,taking away their bus services and forcing councils which refuse to merge to deny them Adult Social Care Services.

Uncaring relatives who refuse to visit unless what little these people do have is gifted or is the subject of a will,kill off a few more of these pensioners through isolation,loneliness and depression
Where that fails to work you let them kill themselves through their own stupidity by dumbing themselves down through mindless television, consuming unhealthy foods,taking too little exercise and drinking themselves to death through loneliness as one partner predeceases the other.

John Gelmini


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