My top ten blogs in 2014..

Deutsch: Paris: Eiffelturm und Marsfeld

Deutsch: Paris: Eiffelturm und Marsfeld (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought that it would be interesting to share my top ten blogs in 2014, ranked by number of hits (with most popular first):

  1. The Portuguese and The Crisis: An analysis – Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey – English
  2. The Fall of France – Paul Krugman –
  3. The wacky economics of Germany’s parallel universe – Wolfgang Münchau –
  4. Why I am obsessed by austerity – Simon Wren-Lewis – Mainly Macro
  5. Martin Wolf’s ‘The Shifts and the Shocks’ – Joseph Stiglitz –
  6. BBC – Travel – Two days in Siena, Italy : Tuscany
  7. A gaffe-prone Japan is a danger to peace in Asia – Gideon Rachman –
  8. Chinese lenders grow wary of Russia –
  9. How to Reinvent Yourself After 50 – Dorie Clark – Harvard Business Review
  10. Conservative Putin & the Western Media – Xavier Lerma – English

Any thoughts or emerging threads?

For 2012, Signs Point to Little Gain in Consumer Spending –

U.S. Consumer Expenditure 2006

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As Christmas holiday memories fade and people return to work or their normality, the credit card bills will start to arrive in January. The following article in the New York Times looks at the outlook for the American consumer. It’s well worth a read.

Spare a thought for some international comparisons of countries in Europe facing an outlook of increasing austerity in countries like Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, UK and Ireland.

Of course, there will also be vast disparities within each national trend. 

For 2012, Signs Point to Little Gain in Consumer Spending –