A Cyber-Whodunit – Neal Pollard – POLITICO Magazine

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This is an outstanding must-read article from Politico. Check it out!

via A Cyber-Whodunit – Neal Pollard – POLITICO Magazine.

With many years experience in delivering effective IT strategy, I think that every major organization must push cyber-attacks up the risk register. Neal Pollard’s article cites that the US government has long been considering a ‘Cyber Pearl Harbour‘.

With global growth recovering strongly from the financial crash of 2008, political risks must increasingly factor into strategic decisions. Unfortunately, the Eurozone looks vulnerable to damaging fallout from political risk – look at the record on the Ukraine, sanctions and Russia’s fast-stepping on energy in the Mediterranean.

Given experience defending the Euro, I wonder how prepared Europe is against cyber-warfare? Also should Europe rely on NATO, where after the US, Turkey has the largest army?


Chinese Banks Lure Deposits by Offering Goodies for Cash – Businessweek

This is an amazing, must-read story from Business Week. Check it out!

via Chinese Banks Lure Deposits by Offering Goodies for Cash – Businessweek.

At least there seems to be a bit of competition for customers in China.

In the UK, by way of comparison, the major banks seem to treat customers as an irritant.

Recently, for me, customer service with my UK bank has been so bad that I have twice received financial compensation.

Since the financial crash of 2008, it has become clear that the banks are ineffective, with broken processes and ineffective customer service. The only good news is that the swinging cost-cutting has taken out layers of useless management.

Surely, it’s time to let the Bank of England take the gloves off, break up the big banks and generate a bit of real competition?

Any thoughts?