‘We made mistakes,’ Dallas hospital chief says of Ebola crisis – LA Times

This is an insightful and worrying article from the Los Angeles Times, highlighting how the US is changing strategy to deal with Ebola. It’s a good read. Check it out!

via ‘We made mistakes,’ Dallas hospital chief says of Ebola crisis – LA Times.the risk of a

I fear that when there is reference to changing strategy in the US, that Obama has been meddling again. As an expert in delivering strategy, I know that strategy is carefully thought through in advance and not changed on the hoof. When there’s frequent reference to changing strategy, it often means that there is no robust strategy and policy has become crisis management or firefighting.

This story has highlighted the weaknesses and fear of quality standards in US healthcare. It’s seems that Ebola is now to be treated only in specialized tertiary hospitals. But even with Obamacare, the US spends much more per head on healthcare than the likes of the UK.

Indeed, as I read this story, my mind moved to the UK and I envisioned the risk of a similar crisis. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has been starved of cash under Cameron’s austerity drive, yet it is deeply inefficient. The other day, the UK Health Minister appealed to health workers to take more care to avoid GBP2.5 Billion in waste – this includes over GBP1 Billion going in settling litigation claims. An environment of waste, ignoring processes and procedures, is high risk for Ebola.

With the record of poor quality in much of the UK’s NHS, surely the UK need to treat the likes of Ebola in specialized, tertiary hospitals?