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Josef Mengele

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English: This was the most up-to-date DARPA logo as of January 2009. It is obsolete now. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I would lick to develop Dr Alf’s article entitled “Secret US DARPA Mind Control Project Research and Ethics“.

Mind control is something the Nazis were very keen on and a lot of the Montauk experiments were about creating people with multiple personalities who could be programmed to undertake all kinds of activities with little more than a telephone call.

Edward Bernays, the father of modern advertising, knew about the work of Pavlov with his salivating dogs and was able to create the forerunner of the advertising industry complete with the use of shapes and images designed to evoke particular mental processes and actions in people (adaptive Sigil Magic) plus the use of words with reverberant “M,s” and “O,s” to trigger an alpha brainwave state with its attendant good feelings prior to showing them the product or course of action desired by the advertiser, political campaign or promoter.

DARPA and in the UK, the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, has built on this work substantially, so that public opinion can be shaped pretty much to order in anyone who has watched television prior to the age of 11.

Those who watched television from later on in life and who have studied these things are much harder to influence because they were formed by different experiences during their critical formative years and can sometimes see what is being done.

The old Hollywood film “The Manchurian Candidate” had this theme whereby an assassin was programmed to kill the US President with a telephone call as a trigger.

Large numbers of Nazis including Mengele were helped by the American OSS, the Vatican and MI6 to escape from justice in what became known as “Project Paperclip”. Some went to Argentina, like Martin Bormann, whilst others, like Mengele, spent time in America before being helped to go to Paraguay.

The SS scientists, who were responsible for the German rocket program, under Von Braun went to America and effectively built their space program whilst Von Braun’s brother ended up with another group of scientists in Stalin’ Russia.

Those Nazis, along with Joseph Mengele, who had worked on mind control went to America and many stayed, after a process of “Denazification”, where their former identities were erased and they were given new pasts, new identities, new names and designed to order US citizenship.

Their work on mind control continued after the War and now that most of them are dead, has become the advanced body of knowledge that DARPA is continuing to build on.

At the most mundane level, the Nazis used fluoride to lower the IQs of concentration camp victims by 20% to make them easier to manage whilst today the chemical is used in toothpaste and increasingly in water supplies all over America, the UK to supposedly stop cavities.

At a more advanced level, DARPA has built machines that can read thoughts as they come out of a person’s head, have mastered how to broadcast messages embedded in microwave transmissions to influence 1 person or hundreds of 1000′s and do so from space, on the ground and via mobile telephone masts.

What DARPA are doing is not science fiction and microwave programming of enemy troops on a battlefield in their own languages can be used to make enemies despondent, fearful and defeated to the point where they lay down their weapons and refuse to fight or can be used to influence elections, ease the passage of new laws or divert people into aimless activity.

The BBC in the UK whenever it is broadcasting the news shows a world in red, spinning on its axis and seemingly gripped by three 6,s. This is accompanied by annoying drumming which reaches a crescendo just as the camera pans to the face of the interviewer and zooms into the whites of his eyes. People have complained about the drumming and the rising volumes but the BBC still refuses to change the format.


The process including having a newsreader speaking in an excitable, sombre, or deadpan voice,is designed to make whatever he/she says utterly believable and the condition people to the shapes and symbols shown at the beginning of the broadcast.

What DARPA is doing represents for the rest of the world the “Ghost of Christmas Future” whereby the actions and thoughts of most people can be shaped like putty and directed without them being aware of what is going on.

John Gelmini

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Secret US DARPA Mind Control Project Research and Ethics

English: Logo of the Defense Advanced Research...

English: Logo of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following articles are quite unbelievable. They are a MUST READ, in my view. Check them out!

Activist Post: Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document.

BBC – Future – Science and Environment – Building the Pentagon’s ‘like me’ weapon

After I read the first article, I did not actually believe what I was reading and thought that this was conspiracy theory; it seemed like science fiction. However, I read the first article a second time, then read all the hyperlinks, including the second article which is cited as evidence.

Simply, the articles assert that the US Government is funding research into “mind-bending” technology as a potential weapon against both foreign and domestic enemies.

If you check out DARPA in Wikipedia (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), there is no mention of a mind control project.

I still have my doubts about the credibility of this story but this still raises the following open question for me:

Surely, there should be ethical standards to publicly funded research?

Any thoughts?

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