Opinion – Theresa May says there is ‘no question’ of a second referendum – Evening Standard

As usual, Theresa May‘s much hyped speaches are vacuous and full of twot. The Evening Standard‘s take away is that there’s no question of a second referendum. Had May and her negotiating team of ‘has-beens’ deployed expert negotiators, they would have used defense cooperation and mutual security as a negotiating wedge. Sadly, May’s words are now ignored and most players are waiting for her demise. Thoughts?

The Observer View on Theresa May’s Weak Leadership Over Brexit – Observer Editorial

Here’s a powerful, must-read editorial. But let’s open both barrels please. Theresa May’s behaviour is disgraceful and a shameful abuse of power. However, increasingly, Jeremy Corbyn’s weakness on Brexit is becoming a strategic failure. Democracy is being flouted and narrow vested interests from both the Far Left and the Far Right seem increasingly prevalent – revolution is surely their objective?