Refugees Are Welcome in Germany But For How Long? – Juan Moreno – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Der Spiegel

Der Spiegel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an outstanding, must-read article by Juan Moreno, published in Spiegel Online.

Source: Refugees Are Welcome in Germany But For How Long? – SPIEGEL ONLINE

For me, this article illustrates why liberal Spiegel is one of the world’s top newspapers and should be seen as a gold-standard for newspapers around the world. By comparison, media in the UK is too strong on political bias and less robust in the quality of reporting – this has been a deteriorating trend.

The author shares his own experience, plus those of his immigrant parents, and interviews with two of Germany’s top experts on immigration. The article is balanced, reflective, citing both objective data like statistics and recounting subjective case studies. The conclusion is up to each individual reader.

I wish that left-wing biased newspapers in the UK, like the Guardian and the BBC, would benchmark their quality standards on Spiegel.

Apart from reflections on Germany, the material is this article is transferable to other countries. This leads to an open question:

Are refugees really more welcome in Germany than say the UK, France, Spain, Italy or Hungary?


Opinion – For refugees, it’s destination Germany – The Washington Post – John Gelmini

A note of caution is needed about the excitement Germans feel about this humanitarian work that is so well described in this article brought to us by Dr Alf, via the Washington Post.

If world leaders and the UN do not up their game in the Middle-East, we risk unleashing a further 8 million refugees who will also want to go to their version of the “Promised Land”(Germany), followed by the dole-bludgers paradise and home of fake NI numbers, the UK.

The Hungarians identified 180 different nationalities in this latest influx, many of whom are economic migrants posing as refugees and not even from Africa at all. In defense of Hungary, they were following the ‘EU rules’.

It is all very well for Chancellor Merkel to allow 800,000 people into Germany, no doubt under American encouragement, pressure and instruction but if the welcome from people and these “men of the cloth”, Lutheran or otherwise, is too fulsome, Europe is going to find itself in deep trouble.

A better solution is to clear Libya of terrorists by combined military force, occupy that country having built a secure wall guarded by troops, drones and robots and then resettle the refugees and economic migrants there.

John Gelmini