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The March 1909 edition of The Druid, the magaz...

The March 1909 edition of The Druid, the magazine published by the Ancient Order of Druids. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is not the first to talk about the Government’s “lack of economic strategy“.

Willie Walsh, the CEO of British Airways, in his farewell address as Head of the London Chamber of Commerce, was scathing in his comments which naturally focused on things like :

1) Seeing no evidence of joined up thinking by a Government claiming to want more Chinese investment, tourism and trade and at the same time not building airports, roads and the essential infrastructure needed for a modern competitive economy

2) Claiming to want tourists from China and making visas so expensive that no Chinese in their right mind would want to come here other than to see their children studying at University.

He also cited the need for more Mandarin speakers in airports and shops and a much more welcoming approach of the kind that Italy, Germany and even the French have adopted, which is why those countries have 7 times the visitors from China that we do, and each of those visitors outspends any single tourist from any other country by a considerable margin.

UKTI, attempting to promote trade with China, whilst Theresa May sends her storm-troopers into London’s Chinatown causing restaurant owners to lose business for days at a time, and the local Chinese community to protest which was not reported in the BBC but appeared in the European edition of the South China Morning Post; this was another “own goal” and frankly racist and stupid.

This, because that sort of action needs to bear down hardest on communities with high proportions of benefit recipients, people smuggling gangs, drug smuggling and fraudulent documentation.

These are known to the police; they are even known to me but the Government chooses instead to send immigration staff from its most incompetent Ministry to harras one of the most hardworking and law abiding sections of the community.

These raids came within one week of George Osborne’s visit to China to drum up inward investment, yet from David Cameron we get silence and inaction, hardly indicative of joined up Government.


Many Government Ministers, large numbers of Local Authority Chief Executives, Quango Heads, people who head up LEPS, the BBC, the Prince of Wales, and the former Archbishop of Canterbury who was secretly a Druid are actually not in favor of progress at all.

They would rather oppose airports, roadbuilding, fracking and infrastructure growth and through a dumbed-down education system, keep ordinary people in a state of ignorance, poverty relative to themselves and outright stupidity.

They cite the need to “save the planet”, “preserve our green spaces” whilst opposing fracking, nuclear power and other measures needed to give us energy self sufficiency.

At the same time, they refuse to say how we are to heat and power our industries without generating capacity at a time when we only have a 4% margin of power and our population is rising.

People will say I’m ranting but the evidence is there, our schoolchildren at state level have the lowest levels of numeracy and literacy in the developed world, know little of our history and are frankly unemployable.

This has not happened overnight but has been a deliberate and insidious process which has been going on for years and must have been authorized at the highest levels of decision-making.

Roads which are built, are built too late and without enough lanes, airports are not built at all, and never without years of public enquiries; HS2 is almost dead in the water; fracking has been slowed down by people like Caroline Lucas.

We have 16.5 million people out of work, incapacitated, sanctioned, forced off the register and economically inactive, economically discouraged yet those in charge really do not want exports, growth and inward investment to lift up the people at the bottom.

Instead, they yearn for a UK covered by wilderness with a few enclaves for themselves and the wealthy and dramatically reduced population.

They never say this openly, which is one of the reasons that the Prince of Wales’ letter writing and lobbying whilst he is in receipt of taxpayers money still remains secret.

At least, with Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Porritt, we know where they are coming from because they speak and write openly but the rest are men and woman sitting in the shadows.

This tradition of Paganism, Satanism and Druidism is a very old one but it is there and explains many perverse political decisions.

When people think of Sir Winston Churchill,they like me as a small boy, think of his wartime speeches.
Go onto the internet and Google Sir Winston and you will find a grainy picture of him being admitted into the Order of Druids dated 1920.

Rest assured, he has many successors now, all of whom need to be exposed and debated with publicly so that people can hear their arguments, hear the case for progress, make an informed decision about who to believe and what to do.

Our lack of progress in this country is to a very large extent down to the lack of productivity of UK workers, managers and directors, and an overlarge and inefficient public sector, but it is also down to lack of proper infrastructure to which these Druids, fellow travelers and those who think like Druids are violently opposed.

The lack of coherent Government policies is really down to those who believe in no progress at all outnumbering those who want progress.

Thus when Dr Alf asks his logical questions, there are no logical answers that can explain why policies are as they are, until this bigger picture is uncovered for all to see.

That said, people must believe what they will and if they want to dance around Stonehenge in costume, I’m happy for them to do it.

If however, they oppose progress by blocking airports roads, computers, machines, fracking, infrastructure, high speed trains, nuclear power, car manufacturing and rising living standards, then they had better come into the open, state their case and win the argument.

If not, they need to be put back into their box and relegated to the same place in history as the dinosaurs, who no longer walk on the face of the earth.

John Gelmini

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Time to replace David Cameron with a real Tory – John Gelmini

English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron

English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I agree with Dr Alf, David Cameron must be replaced with someone who is a real Tory, a true Conservative, and not a metrosexual person who traduces Judeo Christian values, warmongers and sells his own people down the river.

We need someone who is not just a heavyweight but a “streetfighter” who promotes this country, galvanizes Big Business and focuses with relentless obsession on getting this country to sell its way out of trouble through exports, inward investment and enterprise creation. Whoever the person is, he or she must be a strategic thinker,  who understand realpolitik and be prepared to:

–Build the country’s energy capacity through fracking and nuclear power

–Take on NIMBIES, Druids and enemies of progress

–Make the Monarchy earn its keep

–Reform the NHS and merge the NHS and Adult Social Care budgets whilst eliminating duplication

–Cut the public sector down to size and outsource or offshore non core functions

–Bring in variable taxes on food

–Challenge the public on productivity and force them to improve by cutting their holidays until they do

–Control immigration and over time reduce the UK population to 35 million by encouraging the elderly and others to leave and retire elsewhere

–Rejoin EFTA and lower taxes

–Provide automatic citizenship to wealthy inward investors who create jobs for the indigenous population

–Call Alex Salmond‘s bluff and eliminate the Barnett Formula

–Stop warmongering, posturing and lecturing others and start emulating those countries which we can and should learn from

–Cease all overseas aid

–Build 10.5 million new homes using Hof Haus style systems building and converted shipping containers for Housing Benefit recipients

–Reward traditional marriage in the tax system and stop making new laws which encourage bizarre and unusual lifestyles, sexual practices and mindsets

John Gelmini

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