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This is a really interesting piece of news confirming that job growth in the EU is coming from SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises). This has been known for a while in the US but it is helpful to get a top quality EU study. Check it out!

eGov monitor – A Policy Dialogue Platform | Promoting Better Governance.

The study confirms my own views on this subject.

Big Business and Big Government are no longer an expanding source of jobs. Indeed many jobs in the service sector are unskilled, like stacking supermarket shelves,  and they do very little for personal development. Absence of effective Government policy has meant that skilled jobs have been outsourced and off-shored. Governments need clear industry policies that will develop skills and provide employment.

Governments are still heavily influenced by the Big Business lobbies or the Public Sector lobby via the unions. Representation from the SME community is still under-weight in terms of lobbying, in my view.