Turkish economy grows at slowest pace in three years – ECONOMICS – Hurryat

Mosque in Istambul

Mosque in Istambul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is a must-read article on Turkey, from important Turkish news source Hurryat. Check it out! via Turkish economy grows at slowest pace in three years – ECONOMICS. As predicted Turkey’s staggering economic growth is starting to falter. With the mixed signals from Turkey’s foreign policy shifts in recent years, I predict that foreign investment in Turkey will probably decline in coming years. Foreign investment creates jobs which are essential for Turkey’s rapidly growing young population. If the jobs growth dries up Turkey’s young people will start to question the effectiveness of their government. Thoughts?

Flag of Turkey.

Flag of Turkey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Opinion – Sterilisation horror reveals India’s mothers risk lives for $11 – Sydney Morning Herald – John Gelmini

Dr Alf makes a good point ,which is why IMF and World Bank funding now goes to good causes in Africa directly rather than into the hands of several corrupt African dictators.

India has endemic corruption and is poorly run, so all aid from whatever source should go to the needy directly.

In the case of the UK, which is £1.3 trillion GBP in debt, there should be no aid given to anyone, and the Minister along with David Cameron and the unnecessary civil servants within that Ministry should be sacked, in my view. Then, of course, there  is the massive level of aid administered by the European Commission but that’s another blog!

Ebola and diseases which threaten the UK should be dealt with by our military on an as needed basis but saving £12 billion gbp a year on aid alone, plus the cost of the department would be an excellent place to start reducing the deficit.

John Gelmini