Flash – Growth v reform debate for China’s new plan – France 24

France 24 reports that China’s leaders gather Monday to hash out a new Five Year Plan to battle slowing growth, and analysts say they must choose between chasing a traditional GDP target and embracing reforms such as to the “one child policy” to help the country develop its full potential.

Source: Flash – Growth v reform debate for China’s new plan – France 24

The article argues that after a decades-long boom, experts say China needs to embrace further liberalisation to avoid the “middle income trap” when developing countries fail to transform their growth model to maintain their competitive edge.

Personally, I’m optimistic for China’s transition and soft-landing.

It’s interesting to contrast China’s growth v reform debate, with the increasing evidence of greater inequality in the US. At least China is focused on strategic planning, whereas in the US priorities seem to be determined by financial markets.


Cyprus-China relations enter new phaseCyprusNewsReport.Com

Map of Cyprus with EU flag

Map of Cyprus with EU flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to this article, relations between Cyprus and China have entered a new phase with obvious political will to strengthen relations further.

Source:  Cyprus-China relations enter new phaseCyprusNewsReport.Com

Chinese investors are increasingly to be seen in Cyprus. Up to now, they have been attracted by real estate, which provides wealthy Chinese with easy access to the rest of the EU. However, Chinese investors, like the Russians and other big international investors are casting their eyes over a couple of dozen large scale investments projects in Cyprus. But the real prize will be offshore gas and oil. If one throws in the increased probability of a political settlement with Turkey, Cyprus could well be set for a boom, once again.