Source: Markets Live: China leads way – Sydney Morning Herald

This is an outstanding snap-shot of what’s happening in the markets from the Sydney Morning Herald. It’s an excellent read. Check it out!

The markets have rebounded strongly, with various rumors of Chinese official intervention.

What amazes me is what a lode of hype has been written in the mainstream media about financial market gyrations.

This blog takes a balanced view looking at multiple arguments from the media around the world, then I add my two cents. More often than not my colleague, John Gelmini will jump in with another insight.

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The Great Fall of China | The Economist

English: Logo for The Economist

English: Logo for The Economist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s lead article from the Economist takes a balanced look at the risks and opportunities. It’s a recommended read.

Source: The Great Fall of China | The Economist

Unlike much of the mainstream media this week, the Economist draws the line under the risks, highlighting the upside opportunity from leveraging economic policy in both China and the world’s major economies.