Plans hatched to introduce white-on-white eggs to Japan | The Japan Times

Beaten egg whites

Beaten egg whites (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to a fascinating story from the Japan Times, eggs with whitish yolks, laid by hens fed with Japanese rice, are attracting attention in Japan amid growing public consciousness about food safety.

Source: Plans hatched to introduce white-on-white eggs to Japan | The Japan Times

This story caught my eye because the other evening an expat couple said they were eating egg-whites for breakfast, having put on weight with excess acohol and food with summer visitors.

Where we live, we get free-range eggs that have been just hatched. Believe me, they taste different to the carefully packaged, sized and colored eggs in the local super-market.

The Japan Times article is right to push back on battery farming and promote healthy food. However, this must be set in the context of overall lifestyle, excercize, acohol consumption and general diet. Japan’s aging population and their consumer preferences are likely to have an increasing impact globally. Look at the popularity of sushi! Sadly, I fear that American junk food in Asia is a faster growth market than healthy, unprocessed food…