Opinion – Helpful tips for the Tories | EurActiv

This is an outstanding must read article by Andrew Duff, former liberal MEP, published by EurActiv.

via Helpful tips for the Tories | EurActiv.

Duff provides nine pointers as to the possible way forward for the UK government, in terms of negotiations with Europe.

With treaty changes ruled out until after 2017 national elections in both France and Germany, the probability of major concessions is limited. However, with a positive attitude from all the negotiators, there could well be wins – in this regard win-win will be important – so perhaps we’ll see some concessions too?

For sure, UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, is on a tight-rope but he has a clear political mandate and he’s learned many painful lessons since historically deploying the veto.

Ultimately, the renegotiation will be a side-show and the main event will be the UK’s in/out referendum by 2017 but this could well be brought forward. The European Union will be trying to keep the UK in and painting a positive opportunity for the UK’s voters but Europe’s leaders  have their own constraints.


Germany and the euro: The Merkel method | The Economist

Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany.

Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent, MUST READ, blog article by the Economist. Check it out!

Germany and the euro: The Merkel method | The Economist.

The article takes an insightful look at Angela Merkel from the vantage of two new books published in English.

Given that Angela Merkel is the strong favorite to win the German election in September, I wonder if will see more of the same or perhaps something new?

Any thoughts?


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