UK Greens leader Natalie Bennett apologises after ‘one of the worst interviews ever’ – Sydney Morning Herald


This is a must read Reuters article, with excellent video clip, published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Check it out!

via UK Greens leader Natalie Bennett apologises after ‘one of the worst interviews ever’.

It’s worth listening to the video to form your own conclusions about UK Greens leader, Natalie Bennett.

For me it’s clear that the proposed policies of the Green Party are not properly validated, risk-assessed and costed.

Any thoughts on how much damage this interview will do to  Natalie Bennett’s UK election prospects?

Opinion – mainly macro: The OBR confirm the dangers of Osborne’s gamble – Simon Wren-Lewis – A Feminist View

Let me respond to Dr Alf’s question, namely ‘How will UK public services survive the proposed additional austerity?’

Public spending has not decreased, it has increased, with national debt rising by what the Tories have done on the mythical austerity.

All it has done is cause predictable and entirely avoidable impoverishment, with a 70 per cent rise in starvation causing malnutrition hospital admission.

The flat rate pension is the biggest con in UK political history, as it is more about the end of the state pension and making it even lower than its lowest of all rich nations bar poor Mexico.

As old people will end up on ever lost benefits for life for food and fuel, then we are back to the Victorian penniless starvation in the UK.

At some point the tens of millions of sufferers will rebel. This has happened throughout history.

The Roman Ceasars knew better and gave free bread each morning to each Roman citizen.

If The UK Greens’ new and unique policy, which I am amazed The Greens have not stuck on billboards throughout England and Wales, would have paid off any national debt, solved starvation (that was rising since 2005) caused by welfare reform and helped youth employment in high streets, where the poor and the old shop.

– End all benefits admin and government run Jobcentres and replace with an automatic and universal Citizen Income, non-withdrawable and not requiring someone to be actively seeking work, to the level of the basic tax allowance.

– Full State Pension to all citizens, irregardless of National Insurance contribution / credit history which has been lost due to benefit rule changes and early retired on tiny works pensions due to austerity job cuts to mostly basic low paid people.

– Save working poor paying 12 per cent deductions from wages by ending National Insurance Fund, just so to be denied more and more benefit top up of wages far below the basic tax allowance.

Without all the private and public benefits admin, the UK could have put money into the economy, saved jobs and kept itself from the future of disrepute when the United Nations come back after the 2015 general election to investigate the early deaths and suicides being caused by being left to starve by welfare reform.

Benefit sanctions many months long, rising by nearly a million but only about 900,000 referrals to food banks. What happened to the other 100,000?

A feminist view