After ‘Brexit,’ Finding a New London for the Financial World to Call Home – The New York Times

a view of the city, london, uk

a view of the city, london, uk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

London Bridge City Pier on the River Thames, L...

London Bridge City Pier on the River Thames, London, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The City of London skyline as viewed ...

English: The City of London skyline as viewed toward the north-west from the top floor viewing platform of London City Hall on the southern side of the Thames. In the foreground: Dixie Queen and Millennium Time at Tower Millennium Pier. This is a 5 segment panoramic image taken by myself with a Canon 5D and 24-105mm f/4L IS lens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this alarming article, the NYT looks at which European city will replace London as the global financial center following the Brexit referendum.

Source: After ‘Brexit,’ Finding a New London for the Financial World to Call Home – The New York Times

Financial services is the UK’s largest most important and most profitable industry. Without financial services, the UK would probably be relegated to  third world status.

Losing the UK’s financial services industry is unthinkable but because of Brexit the hub could move to Europe. Meanwhile, it’s not clear if the UK will still be an integral part of Europe from a trading perspective.

The next Conservative Prime Minister must urgently give some assurances about the UK’s future. The Little- Englanders must be put back in the bottle.


Opinion – Britain’s shadow cabinet suffers a mass resignation | The Economist – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is correct, Jeremy Corbyn has to go because he is a 1970s throwback to the bygone age of Trades Union activism in true “Dave Spart ” mode.

He is unelectable, has ideas which it is easy to disagree with but has one quality which his critics in the Labour Party will never have which is honesty and consistency of view.

With Corbyn what you see is what you get, a badly dressed left-wing firebrand, who has never grown up and has never changed his Socialist views.

He will go down fighting as a martyr to his cause and will try to get his friends in the trades unions to engage in “direct action” to put pressure back on to the Alan Johnsons, Umanas, Eagles, Leslies, Hodges, Benns and Hunts of this world.

The Government needs to have emergency legislation to stop strikes in essential public services before this happens otherwise it will be another “Winter of Discontent” which the City and major investors really will punish us for.

The Labour plotters need to form a new party to replace the old one to which they can attract Farron’s Liberal Democrats and possibly some metrosexual Conservatives who really do not know what the word Conservative means.

This will help concentrate minds in the Conservative Party to force it to select a new leader with the intellectual capacity required to provide new direction for the country, negotiate hard for EU reform if Article 50 is not to be triggered or negotiate good terms if the decision to leave stands.

John Gelmini