NHS will clamp down on ‘rip off’ agency fees – Telegraph

Two women walking outside an employment agency.

Two women walking outside an employment agency. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a good article from the Telegraph. Check it out!

via NHS will clamp down on ‘rip off’ agency fees – Telegraph.

Unfortunately, I fear that the Telegraph misses the point.

Firstly, employment agencies are charging exhorbitant fees in a market-place where competition is increasingly restricted. Big one-stop shops, like Capita, are taking the cream. It’s perhaps time for the EU competition authorities to investigate?

With modern technology, there’s no justification for agency fees above four percent. Most of the agency employees are not skilled, just deploying key-word searching. They should be engineered out of the industry.

Secondly, recruitment practices in the NHS and public sector need serious reform. They should be using their own agency pool, excluding third-parties, like Capita.


Opinion – EU demographic indicators: Situation, trends and potential challenges – John Gelmini

I think this article via Dr Alf on EU demographic indicators demonstrates the staggering complacency of those who run Europe.

The article talks about “challenges”, yet for 30 years the EU has failed to produce a single net new job, and apart from Germany is not exporting enough or paying its way.

The pronouncements of Eric Schmidt of Google, who in 2013 said that 50% of American jobs would disappear by 2033, seem to have passed by Messrs Delivorius and Sabbati, the authors of this article. American worker productivity is the best in the world, so even more European jobs will vanish with all that that means for poverty, pensions, the future of European youth, and defense.

Their use of the word “challenges” seems to imply that the issues posed by robotics, cybernetics, 3D printing, automation and self-replication can be considered at leisure and solved at the stroke of a pen.


John Gelmini