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English: Flag of the Council of Europe

English: Flag of the Council of Europe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am an even simpler fellow than Dr Alf, and I judge people by what they do.

In 30 years, the EU has not created a single net new job, and the only individual countries in the EU that have, are Germany and most recently the UK.

The politicians in Europe talk mostly about managing the money they have, not increasing exports and bringing in much needed foreign currency. They fail collectively to see that automation, robotics, nanotechnology and 3D printing, plus cybernetics will destroy jobs faster than they can be created, and they have no strategy for dealing with China, and the rising tide of Jihadism.

The bell is tolling and as Ernest Hemingway would say “It tolls for thee”.

A new type of political leadership is needed because the present Bilderberg inspired one is not being accepted by the masses, even at the level of society’s weakest.

In the past, it would have been dealt with by a World War followed by reconstruction.

Recent times have made war more problematic because the weaponry is too powerful to contain the war to “Faraway places about which we know very little”, however dealing with rising terrorism and emerging terrorist states gives the EU an opportunity to reintroduce conscription and National Service and develop an effective defence industry. David Cameron thinks this could take decades, so this could be a way to get moribund economies moving again, and deal with the scourge of long term unemployment, at the same time as clearing out Europe of dangerous and radical elements.

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Opinion – Immigrants and institutions « Adam Smith Institute – John Gelmini

Dr Alf poses imponderable questions, which have no answer while the UK stays in the EU, or fails to confront laziness and poor productivity.

The British public have not come to terms with their own lack of productivity, which is 20th in the world, and has fallen 20% since the Olympics and the Jubilee to 32% in the public sector and 48% in the corporate sector. Nor have they come to terms with the fact that this lack of productivity plus laziness and an unwillingness to undertake certain jobs has plagued this country since 1885.

Immigration has been the natural consequence of the failure of successive governments and employers to confront lack of productivity, laziness and an attitude of entitlement afflicts 80% of UK workers, students and the unemployed. The truth is that many British workers, students and the unemployed are as a result of educational failures and lack of numeracy, literacy and communication skills, rendering them frequently unemployable.

Indeed with their lack of language skills, personal discipline and unwillingness to contemplate certain occupations, they are for all intents and purposes economically useless.

As long as we remain in the EU, most jobs will go to better motivated and educated foreigners and if we leave the EU then the productivity issue will have to be addressed head-on.

My solution, assuming we left the EU, would be to read the public the riot act, and if there was still no positive response I would cut annual holiday entitlements to 4 weeks including bank holidays. National Service would be reintroduced and language skills training, NLP and sales skills made compulsory, with people encouraged to set up their own businesses here or “swarm out abroad”.

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