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Renewable energy > 30 % Renewable energy > 20 ...

Renewable energy > 30 % Renewable energy > 20 % Renewable energy > 10 % Renewable energy > 5 % Renewable energy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is a VERY INTERESTING READ, especially if you get bored on the beach this Summer.

Open this link for access to a PDF copy of the pocketbook.

Let me quote some headline EU policy objectives to set the scene:

The headline targets at the EU level:
• 75 % of the population aged 20-64 to be employed (page 139)
• 3 % of the EU’s GDP to be invested in research and development
Climate change and energy target:
• To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 % compared with
• To increase the share of renewable energy sources in final energy
consumption to 20 %
• To improve energy efficiency by 20 %
• The share of early school leavers to be under 10 % (page 119)
and at least 40 % of those aged 30-34 to have completed tertiary
or equivalent education (page 117)
• Reduction of poverty by lifting at least 20 million people out of
the risk of poverty or social exclusion (page 173).

With Europe facing increasing economic, social and political crises, the above objectives make excellent headlines but I question how the bureaucrats will achieve the results?

Any thoughts?

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Eurozone unemployment hits new high with quarter of under-25s jobless | Business | The Guardian


austerity (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)



Austerity (Photo credit: GoatChild)


This is a MUST READ article from the Guardian. Check it out!


Eurozone unemployment hits new high with quarter of under-25s jobless | Business | The Guardian.


Finally, the message seems to have sunk in that excessive austerity is the wrong policy. We have recently seen Angela Merkel‘s government try to distance themselves from excessive austerity and build bridges in Europe. Most significantly, it looks like the Franco-German axis is back in business and the target is the EU. Meanwhile, the EU is wriggling at holding the austerity poison chalice and is turning  belatedly to  initiatives for jobs.


What a mess!


Young people are right to demonstrate. Let’s hope that demonstrations stay peaceful but there are a lot of people who are bitterly critical of Europe’s political leaders and the EU.


Any thoughts?




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