Planning for the Better Care Fund – National Audit Office (NAO)

This is an excellent insight into the practical administration of David Cameron‘s UK government, how a good plan to save £1 Billion was watered down to £55 million. It’s a must-read. Check it out!

via Planning for the Better Care Fund – National Audit Office (NAO).

What started out as a good idea was derailed by the bureaucrats and political meddling. It’s the usual problems of poor planning, ineffective program management and absence of leadership. Trying to avoid too much centralization, funding was to be devolved.

I worry about the effectiveness of financial controls in both central and local government, and the damaging impact of political interference. I question the wisdom of excessive dependence upon the major consulting firms for expertise, rather than relying upon independent professionals.

Overall, I question the absence of vision and robust, properly costed and risk-assessed strategy. As John Gelmini effectively argues, unlike Japan and China, the UK is way down the curve on deployment of robotics. 

Ultimately, the questions are surely:

  1. Will the quality of care in the UK improve?
  2. Will the country get better value-for-money?’