L.A. jury hits Johnson & Johnson with $417-million verdict over cancer link to its talc – LA Times

In a very highly cited article, the LA Times reports that a terminally ill woman was awarded $417 million by a jury that found Johnson & Johnson liable for failing to warn her and other customers about the risks of its talcum products.

Source: L.A. jury hits Johnson & Johnson with $417-million verdict over cancer link to its talc – LA Times

The article highlights a 1982 study showing that women who used talc on their genitals were at a 92% increased risk for ovarian cancer – J&J it seems chose not to put a warning label on the product as recommended by the lead researcher. Critically, it argues that the jury panel found there was a connection between her ovarian cancer and the baby powder.

With thousands of other similar claims pending, J&J immediately announced that they were appealing.

J&J is an American multinational supplying medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods.

The story is now being widely picked up by the world’s media.

Since the financial crash of 2008, the value of J&J stock has doubled. It will be interesting to see how financial analysts rate J&J’s chances against the pending litigation.







Opinion – Trump declares opioid crisis a national emergency – CNN – John Gelmini


I tend to agree with Dr Alf that Trump’s behind the curve on opioids.

People take drugs for a reason, usually because they need to feel better about themselves and their lot or as a crutch to get through difficulties for which they cannot see a way out.

Those who are wealthy do so to fill a spiritual and mental void, which their lifestyle cannot address, some do it because it is fashionable and a few, like the so-called “Wolf of Wall Street”, did it so that he could telephone investors faster, so that he could satisfy his incredible greed for wealth and please his Wall Street bosses when he first started work.

Working in America carries with it an assumption that, come what may, you will deliver 10% more each year, will do so with a winning attitude, will never coast, will never be average.

The pressure is relentless and under it some people thrive, whilst others fall by the wayside through divorce, ill-health, financial mismanagement or being fired, unable to get work and other difficulties.

Trump’s state of emergency will deal with symptoms not these aspects of life in that country which if they are to be retained mean that people will have to be trained to a much higher level of mental toughness than they are now and become more able to build secondary income streams to sustain themselves during periods of financial difficulty.

Making divorce easier cheaper and faster might sound like a good idea but it is costly, causes young children under the age of seven to think they have done something wrong to bring the divorce about and it is damaging to productivity because people turn to drink and drugs to help themselves cope or are prescribed anti depressants by their doctors.

John Gelmini