Church of England doubles hedge fund investments –

"Hedge Fund"

"Hedge Fund" (Photo credit: C-Monster)Hedge fund industry (Photo credit: Simen S)

This is an interesting article. Check it out!

Church of England doubles hedge fund investments –

Many believe that hedge funds represent one of the worst faces of capitalism. Hedge funds frequently take speculative positions causing increased market volatility. Is it time to take another look at the morality of hedge funds?

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I thought that this was an excellent article. I recommend that you check it out!

Income inequality: Who exactly are the 1%? | The Economist.

The article is very well researched and shows considerable insight into the changing nature of the top 1% in the US.

Most significant in the top 1% is the rise in representation by the financial community, especially investment bankers and hedge fund managers. For me, what was most alarming was that in the UK, the weighting of the financial community in the 1% was even greater.

I would expect that the 1% often support right of centre politicians who favour austerity, lower taxes and smaller government. This is potentially cataphrophic for the 99% who want more growth and not austerity.