Opinion – Flash – Fears 11,000 Australian dental patients exposed to HIV – France 24 – John Gelmini

One cannot but agree with Dr Alf about Sydney, Australia. However, their large homosexual community deserves further focus.

Most people who contract HIV (about 93%), do so because they are gay and because they engage in bizarre and unusual sexual practices, without adequate protection. This happens all over the world but in countries which sexuality and these practices are condoned, and in some cases actively encouraged by high-profile celebrities such as Stephen Fry, the actor and writer and Sir Elton John, the musician, the incidence is higher. The exception to this is to be found in Africa, where certain African heterosexual men engage in these practices as a means of birth control.

Clearly, there will be more of this being reported as the actions of gay men are increasingly liberated by changes in the law, reflecting the laissez-faire approach of politicians to what they see as a new voting bloc with money and influence. Because they represent just 1 person in 90, they are in the minority but because of their preponderance in the media and in our universities, they make up a disproportionate segment of the chattering classes, 33% of the UK’s Opposition front bench, 33% of Church of England clergymen and an unhealthy number of opinion-formers.

Through vociferous lobbying and political pressure on the judiciary, via high-profile court actions against small business owners, they are thus able to shape the political agenda towards an anything goes agenda, diametrically opposed to traditional Judeo-Christian values, which are the foundation of English Common Law and, of course, the Magna Carta.

Those afflicted with HIV cannot be cured by conventional health care systems but the Rife machine, in its modern form, can effect an unofficial and unapproved cure.

John Gelmini