Merkel deserves to survive migrant crisis – Reuters

According to this Reuters article, the German chancellor’s welcome to refugees is backfiring at home. It argues that critics abound in her own party, her popularity is low and right-wing populists are flourishing. But the article concludes that Merkel has two things in her favour: the German economy looks solid and her opponents lack a credible leader.

Source: Merkel deserves to survive migrant crisis

Personally, I’m not convinced that politics is that forgiving. Angela Merkel has been firefighting and has been light on strategy. Yes, she’s a formidable politician but she has recently demonstrated vulnerability and desperation in Turkey.


My six Most Popular Blogs This Week

I thought that it might be of interest to share which were my most popular blogs this week. They are ranked by number of hits, with most popular first:

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Any thoughts?

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