Top Seven Blogs – Last Seven Days

I thought that it would be interesting to share the links to my top seven blogs published in the last seven days (listed in order, with most popular first, ranked by number of hits):

  1. An in Depth Look at Deleveragings – Ray Dalio – Bridgewater
  2. A Hard Look at Psychology and the Financial Crisis – Ian Hughes
  3. We have good cause to abhor the surveillance state –
  4. A Hard Look Beyond the 13,000 Needless NHS Deaths – John Gelmini 2/2
  5. BBC World Service – Exchanges: The Global Economy, Exchanges: The Global Economy, Joseph Stiglitz (audio)
  6. We have to wean Britain off the drug of immigration – Telegraph
  7. Germany Has Created An Accidental Empire – Ulrich Beck – Social Europe Journal

Any thoughts?

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