Opinion – Israel’s Clash With Iran and Syria: 5 Takeaways – NYT

This NYT article distils five powerful threads but misses its own flawed assumption. Firstly, the five points:

  1. This isn’t over yet. It’s just the beginning
  2. Israel alone can’t stop Iran in Syria
  3. The US is focused elsewhere
  4. Russia can’t stay neutral for long
  5. Israeli jets aren’t invincible

As for the flawed assumption, perhaps it’s bias with the NYT editorial pen? But the headline assumes Israel as the aggressor, when the factual evidence is that Iran’s the aggressor, with it’s military build-up in Syria. Of the five takeaway points, the most important relates to Russia. If Russia wants to leverage her own enhanced position in the Middle East, surely it’s not in Russia’s interests for Iran through her proxies to threaten Israel?

Can Russia Defuse the Contribution with Iran – Jeresusalem Post

Here’s a reflective article from the Jeresusalem Post, considering Russia’s capacity and desire to curtail military aggression from both Iran and Israel. The article cites subject experts. The thrust of the article is broadly worrying. Because Iran is on the winning side, it argues that she’s claiming her right to a continued presence in Syria. But Iran military build up in Syria is a direct strategic threat to Israel. The weekend’s escalation risks triggering an escaltion to war, which could quickly become regional. Without effective intervention, war looks inevitable. I question whether US or Russian intervention will be more effective with Iran?