The World’s Most Powerful People 2015 – Forbes

According to Forbes, these heads of state, financiers, philanthropists and entrepreneurs truly run the world.

Source: The World’s Most Powerful People 2015 – Forbes

This is an amazing list, especially the ranking of the top 10.

Significantly, Putin is No.1, Merkel No. 2 & Obama No. 3.

I was surprised to see David Cameron hanging in at No. 8.

With increasing risks in the world, it’s deeply worrying that Obama is so weak, compared to Putin and Merkel.


Blair, the Iraq War and me – Al Jazeera English


BlairIraqWarDemo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A history professor in California describes how his Oxford doctoral thesis was used by Tony Blair‘s government to concoct a credible public case to invade Iraq in 2003.

Source: Blair, the Iraq War and me – Al Jazeera English

The article is an important read in understanding Blair’s behavior both before the Iraq invasion and now, in terms of a carefully crafted apology.