Opinion – BBC News – Iran nuclear deal: Boris visits US for talks

This is important news from the BBC but we need to peel the onion to speculate on the truth. Both France’s & Germany’s leaders, Macron and Merkel, visited the US to try to persuade Trump. Meanwhile, the UK’s PM is fighting for her future on Brexit. The BBC reports:

Mr Johnson will meet US Vice-President Mike Pence, National Security Adviser John Bolton and foreign policy leaders in Congress.

In horse-racing jargon, Johnson’s trip is ‘an also ran’ – it’s the story of a loser. As a result of the Brexit referendum, the UK geopolitical leverage is seriously diminished. May has sent to Johnson as a last-minute face-saving excercise.


Opinion – First-world problems: British professionals revolt as austerity hits the middle class – Economist

According to the Economist, the British middle-classes are increasingly feeling the impact of creeping austerity. My advice to them would be to ‘get used to it’, or ‘get out’. The economic consequences of Brexit will be savage for an already heavily indebted UK. Another Conservative Government after the next election will be forced to heavily ramp up austerity. Meanwhile, a Far Left Labour government will also meddle massively but very differently. Either way, the British middle classes are probably in for a prolonged and increasing period of pain. Thoughts?