Jeremy Corbyn, saboteur | Lead – The Economist

This is a brilliant, outstanding, must-read, lead article from the Economist. It concludes, whether born of apathy or ambition, Mr Corbyn’s behaviour in relation to the Brexit referendum does him no credit. The bottom line is that if Britain does vote to leave, it will need a strong opposition leader but sadly, it will not have one.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn, saboteur | The Economist

Traditional Labour Party supporters must be rallied and alarmed to the real risks of Brexit. Otherwise, when the dust settles after a pro-Brexit vote, it will not be the Conservative Party but the Labour Party that will be enfeebled.


Labour’s Growing Macroeconomic Illiteracy – Simon Wren-Lewis – Social Europe

This is an important article from leading Oxford economist, Simon Wren-Lewis, published by Social Europe. It’s a recommended read.

via Labour’s Growing Macroeconomic Illiteracy – Simon Wren-Lewis – Social Europe.

I fear the article would never have written if Ed Balls was still an MP!