Opinion – Poll: 1 in 3 British Jews has considered emigrating due to antisemitism – Diaspora – Jerusalem Post

After the Barcelona attack, world media attention seems today focused on ‘anti Semitism‘. For example, the right leaning Jerusalem Post highlights that ’80 percent of respondents said they believe that the Labour Party is harboring antisemites in its ranks’.

Source: Poll: 1 in 3 British Jews has considered emigrating due to antisemitism – Diaspora – Jerusalem Post

We are given little information about the survey methodology, just the conclusions which are inflammatory and hit the news, days after a radical Islamic terrorist incident in Barcelona. If you look behind the world media reports, many of the comments are angry and ugly.

But let’s cut to the heart of the matter, there are three underlying themes:

  1. The UK Labour Party, which has been hijacked by the Far-Left, with Jeremy Corbyn as puppet leader, with strong pro-Palestinian sympathies and deeply rooted hostility towards Israel, despite the evidence, and the related inflammation of anti Semitism (American readers can look to similar parallels in Obama’s tenure in office)
  2. The rise in Radical Islam, and the increasing violence in Western democracies, following military interventions the Middle East.
  3. The underlying liberal values of the society.

As I have indicated earlier, we have not seen the research evidence, just the headlines.

Broadly, the UK is an open liberal society that treats minorities with respect, and I struggle to believe that the values of society have turned ugly and nasty, without far deeper evidence. What’s turned has been Far-Left politics for whom ‘the end justifies the means‘. The world is realing against the threat of increasing Radical Islam and the Far Left are deflecting attention for fear of being tainted.

Anti Semitism has a very long history and is equally popular with both the Far Left and the Far Right but surely it’s time for the media to look to the real villains, viz. Radical Islamization and Far Left propaganda?