5 wealthiest Gulf Nations have refused to take a single Syrian refugee | Daily Mail Online

Arab states of the Persian Gulf. Arab Gulf Sta...

Arab states of the Persian Gulf. Arab Gulf States. ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: De arabiske golfstater. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to this article in the Daily Mail, as debate rages between politicians in Europe over how many they should take, nearby super-wealthy Gulf nations of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain have refused to offer sanctuary to a single Syrian refugee.

Source: 5 wealthiest Gulf Nations have refused to take a single Syrian refugee | Daily Mail Online

After the US, the UK is the largest donor to Syria according to the Mail.

The article points to the billions of Dollars spent on on defense budgets, yet these countries are not prepared to take any refugees.

Presumably, Western governments are wary of political pressure to the five wealthy Gulf states over refugees?



Gordon Brown attacks Jeremy Corbyn without mentioning his name – UK media’s reaction

English: Gordon Brown

English: Gordon Brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a passionate speech, former Labour Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, set out to destroy Jeremy Cobyn’s record, values and the catastrophe for the Labour Party if Corbyn became the next leader of the party. In a nearly hour-long speech, Brown constantly paced the stage but never once mentioned Corbyn’s name.

Here’s the reaction in the UK’s left-wing media:

Gordon Brown urges Labour not to be party of protest by electing Corbyn | Politics | The Guardian.

Gordon Brown warns Labour is in danger of becoming a ‘party of protest’ (and manages not to mention Jeremy Corbyn once) – UK Politics – UK – The Independent.

Labour leadership: Gordon Brown says party must be credible – BBC News.

Gordon Brown: Labour must seek power with a purpose – The New Statesman.

For a more right-wing media response to the speech, open the following links:

Gordon Brown damns Jeremy Corbyn… without even mentioning his name – Telegraph.

Gordon Brown calls on Labour party supporters not to back Jeremy Corbyn  | Daily Mail Online.

Gordon Brown tells Labour it must choose ‘electable’ leader | PoliticsHome.com.

Left me give you a flavor of Gordon Brown at his best:

If I’m right that we need global alliances then don’t  tell me… that we can do much for the poor of the world if the alliances we favour most are with Hezbollah, Hamas, Hugo Chavez’s successor in Venezuela and Vladimir Putin’s totalitarian Russia.”

Jeremy Corbyn reminds me of the socialists in Spain who were responsible for destroying the economy, with soft loans to dubious, ultra-left wing causes around the world. The socialists in Spain are responsible for the pain of austerity and the fifty-percent youth unemployment. With Corbyn’ leadership, there’s a risk of 50% youth unemployment in the UK too.

In UK left-wing circles, Gordon Brown is still a heavy-weight. In terms of intellectual argument, he was always sharper than former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Brown has now joined a list of Labour Party heavy-weights, including Blair, who are deeply opposed to Corbyn.

Let me ask an open question:

Surely if Jeremy Corbyn becomes the next leader of the Labour Party, it will confirm that the Labour Party haas been hijacked by the hard-left and anarchists?