UK women’s life expectancy ‘second worst’ in Western Europe – Health News – NHS Choices

Citing latest research by the World Health Organization, NHS Choices  reports that European levels of alcohol consumption, smoking and obesity are alarmingly high. Critically, there is an increasing possibility that “Young Europeans may die at an earlier age than their grandparents”.

Source: UK women’s life expectancy ‘second worst’ in Western Europe – Health News – NHS Choices

Unfortunately, the article does not explore NHS policy options to improve matters in the UK.

Surely, it’s time for the NHS to explore radical options for addressing alcohol consumption, smoking and obesity?



A hard look at Jeremy Hunt’s speech proposing radical transformation of primary care in the UK – John Gelmini

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Like Dr Alf I think Jeremy Hunt’s speech is excellent and set the right tone as far as it went.

However, once again, what is proposed is not grounded in reality as I shall now explain:

1) There are already 1.25 million woman over the age of 65 at the early stages of dementia, yet Jeremy Hunt talks about 1 million in the future

2) The costs of the obesity and diabetes epidemic is already £100 billion gbp to the British economy in lost productivity(now 16% below the average for the G7 and 20th in the world following a 20% fall following the Olympics and the Jubilee)

This is apart from the costs of strengthening hospital floors at £3 million gbp each, ambulances at £135,000 gbp each, stretchers at £90,000 gbp each and the costs of new beds

3) Bringing in extra doctors does not deal with the additional costs of Adult Social Care or the issue of bed blocking whilst these elderly patients are in NHS Hospitals

4) The role of food and proper diet in hospitals and at home is not discussed either-The NHS still does not regard food as medicine but rather, sees it as a cost.

In France, Germany and Italy, the opposite is the case

5) 95% of us will die of either heart disease or cancer yet the Jeremy Hunt speech did not deal with the issue of high sugar and salt content in processed foods, cheap beer, junk foods and items in the food chain which cause the obesity and diabetes in the first place.

The action required here is variable tax on foods a matter not covered by Jeremy Hunt’s speech.

Then there is the issue of harmful chemicals and pollutants in food, fertiliser, plastics and the environment such as E-Numbers, Bisphenol A, antimony in aircraft fuel, aluminium saucepans and cooking foil.

These contribute to obesity, diabetes and cancer all of which have to be treated by the NHS

In several countries, some of these things are banned but Jeremy Hunt’s Health Department chooses to go with UK medical orthodoxy which is behind the times and not up to Global best in breed practice

6) Alternative Cancer cures and treatments to my knowledge number 42 yet the NHS limits itself to chemotherapy and the few drugs permitted by NICE.

In contrast, every German cancer ward has a modern Rife Machine and can offer a cancer treatment unknown in the UK which involves cooking cancer cells to death

Dr Alf wonders whether the Jeremy Hunt proposals have been risk assessed. He is right to think that way because the problems of the NHS are bigger than Jeremy Hunt and his civil servants think they are, which means that the solution, when it finally arrives, will not be able to do the job, leaving all the risks that remain un-quantified and without money to deal with them.

John Gelmini

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