The dark side to the South Korean miracle | The World – Gideon Rachman – FT

Countries fall into three broad categories bas...

Countries fall into three broad categories based on their Education Index: high , medium , and low human development. The 2007/2008 edition of the Human Development Report was published on November 27, 2007; in Brasília, Brazil. {| style=”width: 100%;” |- style=”vertical-align: top;” | style=”width: 100%;” | |} ——– (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A graph showing South Korea's GDP (no...

English: A graph showing South Korea’s GDP (nominal) growth from 1960 to 2007. Figures are in billion US Dollars. Graph produced using Microsoft Excel 2007. Transparent flag of South Korea in the background derived from Wikimedia Commons. All data sourced from NationMaster. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent blog written by Gideon Rachman in the FT. It’s short and recommended reading. Check it out!

The dark side to the South Korean miracle | The World.

Once again this article highlights the pressure on young people. For many families education is still the key for their children’s future. Whether it’s private tutors in Korea or school fees in the UK, the pressures are enormous. The education model used to to work well and was harnessed to the American Dream, which now has the equivalent in other countries like China. However, austerity has brought a shocking reality check, with many youngsters now questioning the wisdom of incurring huge student loans with limited job prospects.

Despite austerity, the children of wealthy, privileged and well connected families still secure first rate education, followed by open doors for jobs in the professions, business and politics. Yet for ordinary families and their children it has been a sad and shocking reality check. Also many students seem to be overqualified in theory and light on experience of life and people. I have started to ponder the following question:

How should we get more value out of the billions of Dollars spent on education?

Any thoughts?


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